This all-in-one leash is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to bring along all the essentials on their walk with their best friend.


The Multi Leash is a 16 foot retractable tape leash for dogs up to 60 lbs. Each leash comes with a water bottle, water/food bowl and a waste bag roll holder. It's lightweight and slim. Enjoy walking your best friend with our patented high quality leash. 1 year warranty.  US PAT#8522727

Food Bowl

Detach the bowl and fill it with either water from your multi leash water bottle or drop in your favorite treat. The Multi Leash is the best way to keep your pet hydrated with safe quality water from your home on the go. Say goodbye to community water bowls or other poor quality water sources.

Waste Bags

Carry your waste bags with you in a convenient compartment built right into your leash. Just insert the roll, pull and tear a bag when needed. This is the most convenient way to carry waste bags. Each Multi Leash comes with a roll of waste bags.

WATER Bottle

Quench your dogs thirst on the go. This convenient water bottle fits perfectly inside your Multi Leash and empties easily into the Multi Leash water bowl.  Each bowl is BPA free and has a secure top to prevent water spills.