One of the questions you might ask yourself is how can WalkWhiz be such a quality product and be so affordable? We have a massive parts buying program that allows us to grab insanely low prices and we pass the savings on to you. In addition, we only buy parts that are high quality that have gone through incredible stress like our internal mechanism. While most companies would pay a fortune for high quality parts, we buy huge quantities and it ends up costing us only a few pennies more. Why not build the best?! 


The engine of each leash is the retraction spring. This is 100% the most critical part that should last even when moisture comes back into the leash from being out in the rain. Water sits inside your leash on the tape and drips into the spring housing. Our springs are stainless steel and we add in chromium which prevents rust. Your customers won't know it but we do! Our return rates are less than .035%.

(walkwhiz shown on left)