Foam Comfort 

Foam handles are much more comfortable than traditional leashes. Why walk your dog holding onto a hard plastic handle when you can use the new WalkWhiz foam handle leash. This newly designed leash performs well under any condition and will last due to the advanced internal mechanism inside. Walk with confidence knowing your WalkWhiz leash is made with the highest quality and backed by our 2 year long warranty. Available in blue and black and three convenient sizes. 


Inside our leash is a highly engineered mechanism that is built to last and hold up to years of use. Our retraction spring inside is rust proof and no matter how many times you walk in the rain your leash will perform like the day you started using it. Most leashes use metal that is not able to withstand moisture and will rust and ultimately break after only a few months of use. 

Our retraction spring inside is also able to move in and out of your leash over 99,999 cycles without breaking. This means you can be confident your leash will last for years and that's why we've backed it with our solid 2 year warranty.